... ces crapauds qui dans l’austère nuit des marais s’appellent et ne se voient pas, ployant à leur cri d’amour toute la fatalité de l’univers.

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A long act or a short play...

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A bas bruit is how certain epidemics spread with newly-born sentiments and ideas which rebel against the established order of things...

... and it is à bas bruit that the contagion progresses, well before it has a name and a face. A bas bruit is like the stories of our lives, hardly audible within the larger flux that they create. They are the kaleidoscopic portraits which characterize the fractions of an epoch.

A bas bruit is how Jean Rouch guides us. He speaks to us of the process of collective endeavor, of fictions built in order to better describe realities. He places the question of the human adventure at the center of his work, and the scenarios construct themselves as encounters unfold along an unpredictable road.

Following his lead, but in our own ways, we live experiences within which the intimate meets the momentous moments of history, where autobiography fusions with fable or when fairy tales rub shoulders with trance.

A hamster wheel is adapted to accommodate people in order that we may once again relive our interior lives. It is an obligation to compete in a race but it is also an antigravitational experience. A treadmill is adapted and we advance upon it without going forward while it creates temporal deficiencies. 

A pocket handkerchief is adapted, as are a sheet of metal, a parachute and a kraft paper flag, all of which are screens behind which are to be found our wildest thoughts, and all the traces, voices and marks left by those who participate in the experiment are recycled, thus revealing the fragments of a living story and history.

Mathurin Bolze

2012 production

Conception and direction : Mathurin Bolze

With : Mitia Fedotenko, Elise Legros, Cyrille Musy

Assistant to the diecteor : Marion Floras
Set design : Goury
Sound design : Frédéric Marolleau
Lighting design : Jérémie Cusenier
Video creation : Guillaume Marmin
Costumes : Fabrice Ilia Leroy
Stage management : Jérôme Fèvre
Thanks to Yan Bernard, Marie-Anne Michel, Jean-Benoit Mollet, Abdel Senhadji, Vincent Weber.
Produced by Compagnie les mains, les pieds et la tête aussi Production administration and Booking : Colin Diederichs et  Julie Grange with Raphaelle Rabillon

Co-produced by : Les Célestins - Théâtre de Lyon, Le Théâtre National de Bretagne - Rennes, le Parc de la Villette - Paris, Le Théâtre du Rond-Point - Paris, La Passerelle - scène nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud, Le Théâtre de la Renaissance - Oullins, Bois de l’Aune - Pôle artistique et culturel de la Communauté du Pays d’Aix et Marseille - Provence 2013 – Capitale européenne de la Culture, La Verrerie d’Ales en Cévennes - PNC LR. With the support of  Espace Malraux - scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Les Nouvelles Subsistances - Lyon, KomplexKapharnaüM - Villleurbanne. The company is subsidized by DRAC & REGION Rhone Alpes, the city of Lyon and it receives regular support from the DGCA via its aid for creations and the French Institute for foreign tours.  

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utoPistes festival
Next edition in 2016 !

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